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Based near Ammos village at Messenia, family Nionios established its modern winery at 1999 and with hard work and love for fine products has been producing bottled wines. For detailed information description of the products and the procedures followed visit the following facebook page :

Participating companies


Navarino Icons aims to acquaint people with the regions rich living history through authentic products created in limited quantities by small scale local products who adhere to strict quality control quidelines in every step of the production process. The range draws on the age long traditions of Messinia and is aligned with Costa Navarino’s philosophy to promote this undiscovered, yet accessible part of Greece while protecting and preserving its natural beauty and heritage

The cheese making company “Arkadia” is located at the village of Zevgolatio in Arkadia and is operated by Nantia, Thymios, and Panagiotis Mpatziotakis. The three young individuals continue a family as well as local tradition of centuries: cheese making. They have inherited the enterprise from their father, along his persistence to be proud of the cheese he produced. This remains their main goal: how to make the best cheese. According to the specialty magazine, «Gasrtonomos» they have managed this, by producing top quality feta cheese, anthotiro (semi-hard, crumbly cheese), and graviera (a hard cheese, with light yellow color). The company has a state of the art facility, however the processes remain traditional.
Barba Stathis S.A. is based in Thessaloniki and is involved in the production and distribution organic, mixed and frozen mixed vegetable combinations based on beloved Greek recipes. It also markets a range of ready meals, tomato products and fresh salads. In the dough category, it offers a large variety of frozen pastry, ready pies, mini bites and pizza, as well as 3 new products in the refrigerated fresh dough category). Barba Stathis’ production plants comply fully with all National and International food quality management and safety standards. Furthermore, Barba Stathis capitalises on its experience and knowledge gained from being a top player in the Greek market, its high level of human resources and the Greek land’s potential with respect to vegetable cultivation. The success of these products in the Greek market is based on a threefold winning combination: nutrition, taste, convenience. In order to achieve this, the company has developed an integrated and strong Research and Development operation which focuses on capitalising on innovations that respond to the demands of the markets it serves. Thus, it offers products that preserve and promote the Greek / Mediterranean cuisine which is adapted to the needs and pace of modern everyday life. The company is developing dynamically in the European and USA markets, mainly with its dough products. Barba Stathis S.A. recently celebrated 40 years of leadership in the Greek market and is a Division of VIVARTIA, a MIG subsidiary.
The hostel ELISSON is situated in Kryoneri, a mountainous village (740m altitude) surrounded by vineyards. The hostel Elisson is an agro-tourism enterprise of people living in the mountainous village of Kryoneri Korinthias. It is the fulfilment of a dream that became reality in 2006. It is created with love and faith in the Greek rural development, and meets the need of public accommodation in the rural area of the Corinthian upland region. The hostel was built above the valley of the river Elisson, offering a large view over it. The hostel offers hospitality to individual visitors, families, but also to groups. The enterprise is operated by Mr. Panayiotis Poulos, Chairman of Association of agroutourism enterprises in the Pelloponese.
In 1969, the Gerontidis family founded in Kastori Lakonias one of the first production plants of trout and salmon in Greece. With a presence of over 40 years in the field of aquaculture and having as main purpose the production, processing, packaging and marketing, the company produces gourmet Greek products of high nutritional value such as smoked trout, smoked salmon, smoked sturgeon and salmon caviar! Thanks to the experience and knowledge of their traditional manufacturing processes and innovative ideas, the company became an expert in high quality gourmet smoked products. Using the traditional method of smoking with beech wood, their products are known for their delicate flavor and rich aroma, satisfying even the most demanding tastes. The love and passion for their work and the absolute respect for the consumer have been a guarantee for the quality of their products and their supreme taste.

Janavaras Enterprises LLC (JE) was founded by Dr. Basil Janavaras, Linda Janavaras and Scott Hollinger to supply the U.S. market (beginning in Minnesota) with quality wines from Greece and provide a unique experience to existing and new wine lovers. Janavaras Enterprises imports premium wines to Minnesota.JE imports its wines from Lafkiotis Winery located in the Nemea region of Greece, Tetramythos Winery a certified organic winery located in the mountains near Kalavryta in the Achaia region of southern Greece (northwestern Peloponnese), and Gavalas Winery located on Santorini, a Greek island in the Aegean Sea. These wines are distributed by Vinocopia in Minnesota and can be found in selected restaurants and liquor stores state-wide. JE strives to add the most value to its wines by importing from wineries that pay detailed attention to quality, consistency, are ethical and environmentally-friendly.
Radiki is a customized food servicewhich cultivates and trades fruits, vegetables and wild greens for restaurants, privates or companies that are searching for top quality food that cannot find easily in the market. Our mission is to transfer the experience of Greek food all over the world within our goods. We are based in Raches of Messenia and our team is composed of 5 farmers, 15 collectors of wild food and 2 Agriculturalists. We are already co-operating with some of the finest restaurants in Greece and in Paris and we are planning to expand in two more countries in 2015.
PARATUS Europe Ltd, is the European branch of PARATUS Business Consulting a global business consulting company specializing in Strategic Business Planning, Security and Risk Management, established in 1989 in Sydney, Australia. With headquarters in Australia (Sydney), and offices in Europe & Middle-East (Athens), Eurasia (St. Petersbourg) and The Americas (Chicago) PARATUS provides a range of tailored business services that reflect a unique and innovative blend of strategic business planning, security and risk management, and audit practice. Each service is specifically aligned to customer requirements, inclusive of the design and delivery of executive, management and staff training and workshop programs.




The company established in Kalamata on 1999, deals with agricultural products and is the offspring of a similar company of the Goumas family which is active since 1962. Most of the products exported are manufactured and packaged in the company’s facilities located in Kalamata. Primary countries of export are USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Czech Rep., Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia and Egypt.
The company is active in that field, making use of knowledge and experience of three generations, combining it with the quality upgrade of products and services. The company employs by season, 40 to 130 workers and technical consultants. Its target, is the long term cooperation with their traditional customers, new customers, and preserving the substantial market share in Peloponnisos.

GAIA EPICHEIREIN S.A. ( is a pioneering and innovative IT company founded just six months ago as the outcome of the strategic partnership of the biggest Greek bank, one of the most profitable Greek IT companies and fifty Greek Farmers' organizations. GAIA EPICHEIREIN S.A. operates a proprietary cloud platform called GAIA Bus that currently has more than 350.000 active users (Greek farmers) with a total number of subscribed services over 1.5 million (each user has more or less a mean subscription regarding four services). The GAIA bus constitutes a suite of cloud-based services and systems targeted to interconnect virtually all stakeholders in the agro-food chain. The GAIA bus is not only an innovative technological tool for providing advance cloud services but also constitutes an integrated ICT proposal for a sustainable agro-food chain. GAIA bus seeks to create new development policies in the agricultural sector, to enable the transparent application of the rules that will lead to new policies, to ensure open and healthy participation of all stakeholders towards the provision of advanced services in the primary sector, to promote the quality of agricultural products, to release farmers from complex and non-productive processes, to support the extroversion of agriculture and livestock, to offer the consumer the necessary knowledge of what comprises the daily table, and, ultimately, to inspire and to impose respect for the richness of the agricultural land.